Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

After a summer full of reruns and mid-season replacement reality shows, I am so happy to announce that the Network TV Fall Premiers are right around the corner!  This is one of my most exciting times of the year, all the anticipation and hope.  But what will I watch?  There is a lot of new programming out there this year.  The big networks got a little heavy handed in their cuts at the end of last season (RIP Better With You) and a few favorites ended their runs.  I am lucky that I have a dual tuner DVR and another TV so I have a lot of flexibility in doubling up viewing times.  (How in the world did I live with just a single TV and a VCR for recording?) (Actually I know how, I would enlist friends and we would each individually record a certain show and then meet up afterwards and watch them together.)

Without further ado, I present you the shows I will be watching/dvring/am intrigued by this tv season. This will be what I use to program my DVR for the first few weeks of programming. Not even I can sustain this level of TV watching so it'll probably drop off pretty significantly in October. But you never know, both Vampire Diaries and Nikita were dark horses originally. I thought I would like them, didn't, and then was re-hooked a month or two later.

Away we go:

8:00 PM - How I Met Your Mother
Network: CBS
Season starts 9/19
Because at this point I feel invested. But I'll probably just DVR it and catch up if I'm bored.

8:00 PM - Gossip Girl
Network: CW
Season starts 9/26
Meh, I'm falling out of love with this show. But Mondays are usually pretty slow so I'll probably keep watching.

9:00 PM - Hart of Dixie
Network: CW
Series starts 9/26
I adore Rachel Bilson and Scott Porter and I love what Josh Schwartz did with The OC (at least for the first season or two) so I will definitely give this show a few episodes. It is basically like Doc Hollywood but with a female doctor. It worked for Michael J. Fox, and I think it could work for Rachel Bilson.

10:00 PM - Playboy Club
Network: NBC
Series starts 9/19
I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated by the playboy clubs in the 60's and a show about the women who worked there seems like it would be pretty cool. But they seem to be playing up some kind of murder mystery in the previews and I don't think it needs that. And then there is Eddie Cibrian who I just can't look at anymore without picturing Lean Rhimes and her super skinny bikini clad body being shocked that the press found them in a some super obvious Hollywood location.

8:00 PM - Biggest Loser
Network: NBC
Season starts 9/20
I can't afford to give 2 hours of prime DVR real estate to this show so I will probably end up forgetting it is on and watching Cupcake Wars or Chopped and then remember just in time for the weigh in and then catch up OnDemand.

9:00 PM - Ringer
Network: CW
Series starts 9/13
Sarah Michelle Geller. Playing twins. On the CW. This one screams my name. Plus it premiers really early so I should get a few episodes in before any of the real DVR conflicts begin

9:00 PM - New Girl
Network: Fox
Series starts 9/20
I get a kick out of Zoeey Deschanel.  She had me from "You are just in time for Champagne Thursdays" "But it is Friday" "Ah, Champagne Thursday decided to come twice this week" in that awful movie Failure to Launch. That alone is enough to buy this 30 minute sitcom on a slow night a few episodes.

10:00 PM - The Rachel Zoe Project
Network: Bravo
Season start(ed) 9/6
You know Bravo has me by the balls. I can't NOT watch.

10:00PM - Parenthood
Network NBC
Season starts 9/13
This show is surprisingly good.  I came for Lorelei Gilmore, I stayed for the quirky family drama from this group of siblings who are maybe just a little too co-dependent.  It can get a little tedious at times so it tends to build up on my DVR until the weekend.   


8:30 PM - Suburgatory
Network: ABC
Series starts 9/28
Basically Mean Girls in sitcom form. And I'll be watching the hell out of it.

9:00 PM - Modern Family
Network: ABC
Season starts 9/21
I love this show. And since it is one of the few shows I watch that Hubby enjoys as well, we'll probably watch it live.

9:30 PM - Happy Endings
Network: ABC
Season starts 9/21
Ok fine! I've been hooked by the reruns this summer! And its on right after Modern Family so I'll most likely stick around to watch it. But I won't like it and I'm still mourning the loss of Better With You and the lack of Kitty from That 70's Show and Joanna Garcia Swisher on my TV.

10:00 PM - Up All Night
Network: NBC
Series starts 9/14
I do love Christina Applegate. But I'm guessing this won't be any amazing comedy. I'll still give Kelly Bundy a shot though.

10PM - Revenge
Network: ABC
Series starts 9/21
Looks like Wednesdays are shaping up to be ABC nights. I've been inundated with previews of this show and it looks pretty good about a woman who moves to the hamptons to get revenge for her father being used as a scapegoat.

Unknown Time - American Horror Story 
Network: FX
Series starts 10/5 
I'm not really into horror things but with Connie Britton I'm going to have to tune in for at least one episode. We'll see though. This might be something I just watch OnDemand.

8:00 PM - Vampire Diaries
Network: CW 
Season starts 9/15
DUH! Will be watching (and squealing with excitement) live and on DVR.

8:00 PM - Community 
Network NBC 
Season starts 9/22 
After two seasons, this show has finally caught on with me. BUT Thursdays are a busy day so I can't promise it'll make the final cut.

8:00 PM - Charlies Angels 
Network: ABC 
Series starts 9/22 
Wow, ABC is going ballsy putting this up against Vampire Diaries and Community. I have a soft spot for Minka Kelly thanks to Friday Night Lights, but I just don't trust this remake. It will probably win vs. Community for a spot on the DVR for at least a few episodes. But its going to have to work hard to earn that spot full time.

9:00 PM - The Secret Circle 
Network: CW 
Series starts 9/15 
I'm crazy excited about this. It is based on a novel by the same author who wrote Vampire Diaries. Its about a girl who moves into town and meets a group of kids whose parents all grew up together and with New Girl's mother. Have I mentioned they are all witches? Now their circle is complete. Bless you CW for this!

9:00 PM - Grey's Anatomy
Network: ABC
Season starts 9/22
I've been there since the very beginning, I can't stop now.

9:00 PM - Project Runway
Network: Lifetime
Season has already started
Stupid Lifetime really doesn't re-air this enough for my taste but if I can afford the space on the DVR, I'll record it and watch it later. Or I'll watch it online some time.

10:00 PM - Prime Suspect
Network: NBC
Series starts 9/22
I really don't need another cop drama in my line-up. But I've loved Maria Bello ever since she was on ER and I've been waiting for her to be tough and sassy on TV again. And Peter Berg is an amazing producer/director. I loved Friday Night Lights, mostly because it was so beautifully made. So I will give this a shot.

8:00 PM - Nikita 
Network: CW 
Season starts 9/23 
This show hooked me at the end of last season. I blame Shane West and his hotty gravelly voice. I'll give it a whirl and definitely continue to DVR it but its not appointment TV.

9:00 PM - Grimm 
Network: NBC 
Series starts 10/21 
I loved Supernatural back when it was about exposing all those old horror stories and myths. This show seems like it would be along those same lines so I'm willing to give it a try. And it starts later in the season so I'll have weaned down by shows by then (hopefully.)

10:00 PM - Blue Bloods 
Network: CBS 
Season starts 9/23 
Seriously, if you aren't watching this - you should be. It is so good! Tom Selleck! Donny Wahlberg! Rabbit from U-571! Bridget Moynahan! Very very good. If you want to make it into a drinking game as your prep before you hit the bars on Friday night, try taking a drink every time Tom Selleck takes a deep sigh and/or sounds like your grandfather.  You'll be hammered by 11.

Nothing! This is the day to clear out my DVR at last!

8:00 PM - The Amazing Race
Network: CBS 
Season starts 9/25 
I love this show, but it gets annoying to watch during football season since you have to account for the game running long and pushing 60 minutes late and thus pushing the start of TAR late. Which means I either have to record 2 hours worth of CBS or I have to risk missing who gets eliminated each week. But I'll adapt. Maybe OnDemand or Online. 

9:00 PM - Boardwalk Empire 
Network: HBO 
Season starts 9/25
Damn! I have to make sure I still get HBO. I think we eliminated it from our cable line up. If you get HBO, watch this, it is great.  I'm really not a huge Steve Buschemi fan, but I still enjoy the show.  If you don't get HBO already I wouldn't go out of my way to add it.  You can get the episodes on Netflix in a few months.

10:00 PM - PanAm 
Network: ABC 
Series starts 9/25
Absolutely! I have been looking forward to this show for a while. It looks really fun and retro and I adore Christina Ricci.   I clearly watch a lot of ABC so I have been inundated with the previews.  It seems fun and sassy and like a nice light hearted view at a time period I never knew.  Hear that NBC? Light Hearted.  No need to go mucking things up with a murder mystery.  I never got into Mad Men and I've always regretted that.  This time I will be in from the ground floor.   

So there you have it.  Just a handful of shows that I will be avidly watching this September.  I hope I've been able to help you if you've been trying to wrap your head around what is out there and when they start.  I know this has definitely helped me.  I'll touch back on this list in mid/late October to see who has made the cut and who has succumbed to the ickiness of Leann Rhimes.

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